MPB. A solution to airport waste management.

AGF develops a viability study for AENA, a public company in charge of the operation, management, maintenance, and administration of airport infrastructures, about the possible construction of a biogas plant from waste generated at the Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas airport. AENA has adopted several objectives: to be carbon neutral by 2026 and Net Zero by 2040. […]

Biomethane. Renewable gas in natural gas transportation pipeline.

AGF carries out the first injection of renewable gas by a private company in gas transportation pipeline. AGF has accomplished the test period for biomethane production and injection into the gas transportation pipeline. The 21st of April 2023 it was confirmed the opening of the pipeline at BIOMETAGAS LA GALERA position and normal operation for […]

AGF begins to conclude projects in the Scandinavian industry.

AGF is starting to participate in renewable projects in the Scandinavian countries. Engineering services, technical audits and operation services have been provided and the development of new industrial projects has also begun. Since 2022, several technical and commercial trips have been carried out in the area, contacting leading developers who intend to have a presence […]

AGF is involved in the modernisation of the UK plants.

In 2015 the AGF staff took part in projects developed in the UK, being associated with the UK market ever since. It was a responsible role providing knowledge in processes and plants designs, developig the control philosophy, the PLC code, the detailed design and supply of the equipment rooms and electrical panels, which were manufactured […]

MPB 5. Real uses of the MPB. The solution at source.

During the tests carried out on the MPB, waste from different sources has been used and commercial models have been adapted to the reality of the different producing industries to be integrated into different sectors; Industrial waste, markets, canteens, barsm restaurants and industrial kitchens. The MPB has undergone real-life tests. Different feeding systems have been […]

MPB 4. Testing of the first prototype.

The purpose of the MPB is to be a commercial product and be the descentralized solution to waste management. The MPB prototype was built with the intention of testing in real conditions of Mini Biogas Plant: bringing the solution to waste through a reverse change of scale. In previous blog posts we have been introducing […]

MPB 3. Launch of MPB. First results.

IMPLEMENTATION OF THE MPB. AGF has been updating and reporting in various blog posts the development of the decentralised waste management and biogas production project through the creation of a commercial product, the MPB. The whole development of this MPB Mini Biogas Plant and the initial planning of the project has been affected by COVID […]

MPB 2. The design of an industrial product.

Introduction to an industrial design. In the presentation to the Mini Biogas Plant (MBP) project, which was made in a previous post in this blog, the motivation for the development of a biogas plant for decentralised organic waste management and the project that has been set up around it was already discussed. This entry is […]