AGF is involved in the modernisation of the UK plants.

In 2015 the AGF staff took part in projects developed in the UK, being associated with the UK market ever since. It was a responsible role providing knowledge in processes and plants designs, developig the control philosophy, the PLC code, the detailed design and supply of the equipment rooms and electrical panels, which were manufactured in Spain under AGF supervision.

The most important part of AGF was its involvement in the commissioning of one of the first Qila plants, during the first half of 2016. The AGF staff took part in the commisioning of more than 4 plants across the country taking a high degree of responsability in the start up of these facilities. It was also the responsible for the commisioning of prefabricated equipment rooms, electrical panels, SCADA and PLC on more than a dozen projects, which was a great experiencie in terms of knowledge and learning.

Equipment room prefabricated in Spain and installed in the UK.

In the second half of 2016, the BIOGASNALIA project is conclude, and AGF decided to focus on its presence in Spain, but this did not mean a complete break up with the UK market. Since 2016, AGF has been providing production support services to several plants which has a close relation.

HMI Screen of Cogeneration engine.

AFG is currently involved in the modernization of one of the plants in order to upgrade its capacities. These modifications have a particular magnitude in terms of agitation capacity, gas management or heating and involve an upgrade of the control programmes. The control engineering and programming capabilities of the AGF staff allow for such highly complicated modifications.

Safety flare at UK safety plant.

The perspective of these years teaches that a biogas project is a process plant, which has to meet the expected productions, requiring many operation changes. This fact makes the role of the Plant Operator and the engineering that can adapt the processes and plants essential, being the model for the development projects proposed by AGF in Europe.

Biogas plant in the UK.

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