Renewable Gas

Renewable Energy Vector. Not only does burning it not contaminate, but it also averts emissions during production. Substitute for fossil gas in its manifold applications. Produced from the management of biodegradable organic waste. Profitable, sustainable and circular activity.

Process Engineering

AGF is a Process Engineering Company and a benchmark in Renewable Gas. It carried out the first injection of biomethane into a distribution gas pipeline in Spain. It has been operating plants since 2014 and has experience in the international biogas market.

It has developed high-efficiency biogas plants and is the leading Spanish company with its own biogas upgrading technology for the production of biomethane.

Technology Company

AGF develops using its own resources all the processes that commercializes at industrial scale. This is in-house technology undergoing continuous development by means of its Applied Research and Development Center (CIAD) and a Pilot Plant. It holds the Innovative SME mark.

Experience in the design, construction and operation of biogas, biomethane and other process plants.

Comprehensive Experience

AGF accompanies the promoter throughout the whole renewable gas project. The services of AGF run from the conception of the project, the Basic Engineering, the entire processing of permits and licenses, execution of the plant itself, the entire commissioning process, to Operation and Maintenance. The real relationship with the promoters starts when the construction finishes.