BIOMETAGÁS LA GALERA exceeds 9400 Nm3 per day of biomethane injected in transport pipeline.

During the last few weeks, daily biomethane injections of more than 9.400Nm3 have been achieved at the BIOMETAGÁS LA GALERA plant. This has been possible thanks to the combined efforts of the team formed by the promoter, BIOMETAGÁS LA GALERA and AGF in its role of engineering and responsible for the operation and maintenance of the biogas and biomethane plant.

These are possibly the highest daily volumes of biomethane injected in the entire private renewable waste gas sector.

BIOMETAGÁS LA GALERA was the first experience of private sector renewable gas injection into pipeline transport. Injection in transport has a higher degree of complexity in technical and administrative issues, which made it a challenge.

After passing the pipeline injection test period, since the opening of the pipeline on 21 April 2023, a considerable commercial effort has been made by BIOMETAGÁS LA GALERA to increase the amount of waste available at the plant. The plant is coming to operate in conditions closer to its designs values.

Positioning a biomethane plant focused on the production of renewable gas within the waste management market is not easy task. It has always been the business philosophy of BIOMETAGÁS LA GALERA to focus on excellence in gas production, and the fact of injecting into a transpor pipeline implies a greater need for quality control of the biomethane produced, which makes commercial work in the waste management sector even more difficult.


The experience accumulated in the 7 years of operation of BIOGASNALIA, in the two years of injection into the distribution pipeline of UNUE, in the 3 years of operation of the biogas plant BIOMETAGÁS LA GALERA and in the months of injection of its biomethane plant into the transport pipeline, have shown a great adaptative capcity of the plants to the reality of the Spanish renewable gas sector.

A great competitive advantage for plants with AGF technology in a complex and changing sector as it has been demonstrated. Combined with the operation by AGF, it has provided a differentiating and disruptive value within the traditional biogas sector.

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