The MPB Prototype is tested in Madrid’s landfill.

The MPB prototype is moved to a new location for additional operational tests. An agreement has been reached between AGF and FCC Medio Ambiente, which is the concessionaire of the biogas plant, to move it to the landfill, at Las Dehesas Treatment Centre, site at the Valdemingomez Technology Park, in Madrid. This is another place where it has been moved in order to continue simulating possible real applications of the small scale plant, demonstrating the mobility and adaptability of this commercial product prototype.

Through the agreement reached, the plant has been relocated and commissioned in a few days. This is possible because of the MPB and AGF’s ability to use activated sludge from an industrial biogas plant. The protocol for the commisioning of MPB plants with activated sludge has been detailed.

MPB start-up.

Once it is operational, being operated by AGF remotely, it has been subjected to numerous operational tests. It has been tested by feeding it daily with waste from MERCAMADRID and with industrial sludge that can be pumped afterwards. Each of these substrates requires different feeding operations.

One of the potential users of MPB are OFMSW producers or managers. Therefore, the MPB is being fed with tonnes of these types of products belonging to the organic fraction that are taken to Valdemingómez.

Organic waste from MERCAMADRID used to feed the MPB.

The results obtained are in the phase of detailed evaluation by the project participants. These are promising results.

Basic prototype of MPB model 1T. Located in Las Dehesas Treatment Centre, site at the Valdemingomez Technology Park, in Madrid.

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