MPB 4. Testing of the first prototype.

The purpose of the MPB is to be a commercial product and be the descentralized solution to waste management. The MPB prototype was built with the intention of testing in real conditions of Mini Biogas Plant: bringing the solution to waste through a reverse change of scale.

In previous blog posts we have been introducing our MPB Project, explaining the design of an industrial product and the first results. The MPB has generated commercially interest, but the goal has been to test the design prior to commercialization. Be able to design a commercial product requires years of testing and real operations. The objective was to ensure that the design was correct, in terms of operation, production, maintenance, transfers, commissioning, etc.

During all the tests, tons of waste of different origin and composition are processed together with the transfer of several different locations seeking to simulate real applications of the MPB.

One of the relocations of the MPB during its tests.

Four different feeding systems have been tested for different projects, sludges and particulate matter requiring crushing have been probed too. A particular remark should be made about the reactor design test. The reactor should have a lifetime as extended as posible. Turning a container into a reactor is a very tricky task. If the aim is to have a durability as high as the industrial activity which is associated has, it’s fundamental to have that preventive maintenance. The chemical resistance of the reactor is the key. Numerous openings and cleanings have been carried out to check the internal status every few months of operation.

Organic waste from hospitality industry.

Management and uses of the gas have also been tested, and different business models have been developed in order to continue expanding the potential market of MPB’s, under the legal protection of the EU Intellectual Property Office.

Feeding test using organic waste.

The MPB prototype will continue being tested going forwad to ensure the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the small-scale biogas sector, improving and positioning MPBs as a technical and commercial alternative. AGF created with its own technology and private financing the MPB.

Fruits and vegetables used as organic waste to feed MPB.

MPB 1. The introducing of the project.

MPB 2. Desing of an industrial product.

MPB 3. Start-up and first results.

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