PR 138 | PE 2 BM 500
Biomethane production plant. Separation by absorption in water without chemical reaction.

Minimum biomethane flow 150 Nm3/h.

Maximum biomethane flow 300 Nm3/h

Commissioning. September 2021.

First injection. 25/9/2021.

Average injected flow: 210 Nm3/h.

Biomethane quality: 97.5-99.5.

Consumption: < 0.25kWhe/Nm3

Certified losses <1.6%.

Injection pressure: 6 bar.

Plant promoted by SUMA CAPITAL and ENAGAS.

First biomethane injection by private company into Spain’s low pressure gas grid.

Installed at Biogasnalia biogas plant site, it uses the gas generated in the biogas plant to produce biomethane.

Primera inyección de biometano en España por iniciativa privada