PR 131 | PE 1 BMC 850

Compressed biomethane production plant. Separation by absorption in water without chemical reaction, with final compression.

Minimum flow 350 Nm3/h.

Maximum flow 600 Nm3/h.

Nominal flow 500 Nm3/h.

Commissioning. February 2022.

First start-up. February 2022.

First injection. 01/02/2023.

Average injected flow: 500 Nm3/h.

Biomethane quality: 97.5-99.5.

Consumption: < 0.25kWhe/Nm3

Certified losses <1.6%.

Output pressure: 70-250 bar.

Compressed biomethane plant, able of producing biomethane at different discharge pressures. Designed for direct injection into high pressure gas grid or for virtual gas pipelines.

First injection by private company into Spain’s high pressure gas grid.




AGF está construyendo la primera planta de biometano comprimido de España